I use God’s Love, crystals, magnetic energy, Light Language and a whole host of techniques to help you be the best you can be!

How I Help You

 The basis of all my Healings is Identifying, acknowledging, clearing and healing energy hidden deep inside the body and the chakras. I will often use a combination of treatments including: helping you to energetically heal Ancestral  patterns; Healing using crystals in various patterns or specifically programmed crystals; Healing with the aid of Angels & Archangels, Light Beings, guides both yours and mine, including Magnetic realm (Kryon’s) Masters  Lazor and Archangel Aletia. My Healing Techniques both in person or Distant/Remote include: Brain-Stem Healing, Magnet-Love Energy Transfer a.k.a. the “oil change” of energies, Cobra-Serpent Crystals and Energy, Regeneration Crystals and Energy, Healing Paddles  and the use of Light Language.  

I also heal animals either in person or remotely.

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What People are Saying…

People like you are going to be the wave of the future

Hey Claudia, I just wanted to say happy new year. I also wanted to tell you that I am only just now beginning to appreciate the incredible service you’ve done to my soul. I learned how to change myself, and that’s something you should be incredibly proud of. I’ve learned the art of transmutation and I’m now looking for any and every opportunity to spread that light instead of shroud it in darkness. People like you are going to be the wave of the future” Robert, Ontario

Claudia has been excellent in helping my horse

Claudia has been excellent in helping my horse and I work through some serious injuries.  I really feel that her help has enabled us to get back into our plan and go forward with fulfilling our destiny together.

Lynn, Ontario

Overcoming Situations

“Claudia has been working with me for over the past 2 years. Over these years she has help me overcome so many issues, painful memories and past situations. Through the various forms of healing; Claudia has helped me overcome situations in both my personal life and my career; giving a new approach to breaking down the negativity. After a healing from Claudia, I not only feel happier but clear and lighter. The space feels welcoming, comforting and most importantly safe! No words can describe how truly grateful I am to have Claudia in my life. The love, kindness and helpfulness that elude from her are indescribable” – Stephanie C. – Hamilton, On.


“I have had a long life in a short time. So with all I have been through I felt overwhelmed on a daily basis with emotional baggage from my past. The first time I went for a healing with Claudia I cried a lot, which relieved a lot of tension. Once she started the healing, things from the very beginning of my life started to come up. Memories I didn’t even realize still bothered me. Needless to say once I faced these issues it released a lot of negativity(with tears too). Each time I’ve had a healing with Claudia I have released so much, as I released past issues, more memories would come up that I was ready to deal with now that I’d faced and released others. I feel like a normal person these days, lighter than a feather, I can face the world head on with hope for a better future and courage to live life. ” 

Sandy B. – Toronto, On.

Help Through Illness

“Claudia helped me tremendously during a recent illness.  She went out out of her way to come to me and work her magic.  I truly believe that a positive mind can do a lot towards changing your health.  Without Claudia I would not have been able to reach that positive state.  Claudia was my Angel during a very rough time in my life.”

Shelly.V.M. – Milton, On.

Working Through Personal Situations

“Working through personal situations in one’s life can be challenging and can sometimes feel like an emotional roller coaster.  Claudia has an ability to help reframe the situation and put things into a perspective which makes it easier to let go, as it no longer serves us.  This followed by a crystal healing just makes everything so much lighter on an energy level and clearer on a mental level.  It really makes a huge difference.  Thank you Claudia!!”

  1. A. – Burlington, On.

Feeling Safe

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with Your Soul’s Content. Claudia’s techniques and professionalism created an environment which allowed me to feel safe and secure. Claudia is truly a gifted woman and I’m very grateful for her.”

Danielle F, Etobicoke, On

Roller Blading Accident

“I was roller blading home from work when I was struck by a truck. I woke up in the ambulance on my way to the hospital. A few days later, at my home, Claudia came by to do a healing on me. I’m a sceptic. I didn’t believe that it would do anything but when the healing was done, I was less sore. My surprise was when I woke up the next morning and the swelling in my leg was almost completely gone. It was incredible! She came back a few more times to do more healings and within 2 weeks, I was back to work. After 4 weeks, I was almost completely back to 100 %. Thank you Claudia. I’ll tell everyone I can that your healings really do work. You definitely made a believer out of me.”

Ben B. –  Etobicoke, On

Work with Greyhound

“Claudia has worked with my greyhound, who has suspected nerve damage in her shoulder. Her limp disappeared for almost 2 weeks after only one session, and after several sessions is now almost always limp/pain free. I’ve also had her work on my horse, who after one session is much more comfortable and free in her movement and happy to work again! I’m beyond thrilled with the improvement in both of my babies and would absolutely recommend Claudia to anyone!”

Gen M.- Hamilton, On

Claudia has helped me immensely

“Claudia has helped me immensely 2 times now and I would have been lost without her. Firstly in helping me out of depression when I was going through very bad insomnia, waking up with tinnitus and major hormone problems. Most recently, Claudia was able to get me in a positive mood before surgery that was required to test for a spread of cancer. Suffice it to say, she absolutely succeeded in changing my thoughts from constant 24/7 worry to telling the Doctor before surgery that all was going to be well. She aided in helping me to work on myself and understand things in my life that I needed to change. In addition, I truly believe that Claudia was able to remove any cancer that may have been left in my system from my first diagnoses. Her work with her crystals and healing methods definitely aided in saving my life. She has also helped me during the healing process and I know I can always count on her. P.S. She also gives the most amazing hugs. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!!!!!!!”

Shelly V., Milton, On

Hi Goddess!

WELL!!! You certainly did a number on my boyfriend!!! He’s so much better! THANK YOU!! He’s recognizing how many instances of stress he’s been reacting to and that when he stands up for himself and will not take his families bullying, he’s better. We had an occurrence yesterday that was awful with his family and he had a flare up, but not as bad as he would have before. He’s sticking up for himself and using his words. I will be forever grateful to you for helping me fix my love. Also, he’s more relaxed and accepting of the job of reno-ing this house. Such a big step. Sending hugs that crush!” – K.J., Port Stanley, On  Oct 24, 2018

Reading Saturday in St. Thomas

“Hi Claudia! I met you Saturday in St. Thomas & you did a healing reading for me- I was the one with the hip & wrist- Wanted to let you know again how good I felt immediately after & sun too- Monday I had to work an 11-hour shift so back to normal… lol I am going to follow up with our chiropractor still, I really did enjoy the relief & I must say even though it’s back it’s still not as bad as it was!!! God’s blessings to you.

Sincerely thank you again, K.  St. Thomas, On