I had the privilege to work on these 2 horses on Thursday, Sep 2nd, 2015. I used a variety of methods including the Regeneration crystals and Healing paddles… they both responded well. Her owner remarked that her horse’s range of motion was greatly improved as a result of the treatment. I love working with animals…. the result is immediate. Check this out on Facebook or email me if this is something that would benefit your animals.

I have also worked with this client’s greyhound with great response!

“Claudia has worked with my greyhound, who has suspected nerve damage in her shoulder. Her limp disappeared for almost 2 weeks after only one session, and after several sessions is now almost always limp/pain free. I’ve also had her work on my horse, who after one session is much more comfortable and free in her movement and happy to work again! I’m beyond thrilled with the improvement in both of my babies and would absolutely recommend Claudia to anyone!”  Gen M.