“When I chose my company name,  I wanted it to reflect the way you feel after a healing – “Content”.   It is my wish that in all ’healings’ you feel comfortable, safe and above all… loved!” – Rev. Claudia Dale

Mission Statement

“My mission at ‘Your Soul’s Content’ is to help people connect with their true essence. I believe all people should be able to conduct their lives from a place of love, truth and self-grace.”

“Healings are performed either remotely or in person ‘hands-on’, in combination with crystal patterns.  I help to restore the proper vibrational frequencies, releasing vibrations created by our circumstances that contribute to creating energetic “dis-ease” in our bodies. We need to come back to basics, to our true selves, our minds, our souls and ultimately live our lives in Love and Joy”

About Me

I’m a metaphysical minister, a spiritual healer and fun-loving grandmother who uses God’s Love, crystals, magnetic energy, Light Language and a whole host of techniques to help you be the best you can be! Whether that means declaring your Love for your partner, seeking spiritual and sometimes physical healing, or healing for your loving pets, I might be who you’re looking for.

Although I’ve been channeling and seeking God all of my life, my healing work started in 1994 when I met Frank Alper (my teacher & mentor), and the learning has never stopped! There’s always something new and often fun.

I help to identify, acknowledge and heal what is hidden deep inside. Whether it’s an ancestral pattern handed down through time, or a lesson brought forth by your Soul, healings are always accompanied by your angels, your spirit guides and God’s abiding Love.

The best news is that I can also program crystals with various energies just for you, and also for that special Ray/Crystal child in your life! Or even suggest a crystal to keep the monsters away. I give Hugs too!

With much Love,

Rev. Claudia Dale