There are SO many different types of crystals. Although I have A Lot of different crystals in my house and office for general aesthetic and vibrational use, I generally use clear quartz crystals as healing tools. They’re remarkably powerful crystals and have amazing magnifying properties, especially in patterns. Depending on the pattern, you can create different resonances and energy fields. Their job is to serve as conductors and amplifiers of energies. Crystals can be programmed- either temporarily or permanently for a certain purpose – with different energies or colours; larger crystals can even be programmed with the energy of a spiritual master. I am happy to help you with your own uniquely programmed crystals.

Small crystal-points can be used to purify and energize drinking water. Crystals are ideal to use for ill house pets such as cats and dogs, or even larger animals such as pigs, cows, and horses.EMFs – computers, TVs or microwave ovens (tape a small crystal into each corner of your device,  pointing inward toward the center.

For adults: a pattern of 3 regular clear quartz crystals, approximately  8 oz. to 12oz. in size, can be placed under the bed (either on the floor or under the mattress), 1 below the head/pillow, one on each corner of the foot of the bed, all crystals pointing toward the center of the bed. This pattern creates a permanent revitalizing energy field and keeps the immune system strong.

Always use small crystals for children! From the age of 12, larger crystals can be used if the person feels compatible with the energy.

Larger crystals can serve to neutralize rooms from water or ley lines, and very large crystals are used for houses or other properties.