We have truly come into an age where the vibrations of our earth have increased dramatically.  Things like Starseeds, Earth’s Frequency, increased vibrations, energy fields, crystals and healing have become normal accepted conversations. Many of our children and grandchildren coming into this world at this time are Crystal Ray children. They are faced with monumental challenges on this planet considering we are human and subject to so many emotions. They can sometimes be overwhelmed and even uncomfortable with some people, adults, teachers.

These children have come here not only with beautiful vibrations, but often with a higher purpose. Many have come specifically to balance the energies of the earth in such fields as: love and grace; magnetic integration and expansion of Magnetic science; balancing nature/earth; Magnetic flow of polarity-balance; integration of body and mind – psychology; polarity of Science and Mathematics; soul nourishment and protection – Angels; re-establishment of spirit on oneness and balance of earth entities i.e. fairies, gnomes, elves.

Mostly these children have a combination of these energies, and will need help to live in our current society. They come to this life spiritually aware, and in tune with their souls. I do offer crystals to help support these children, and practical solutions for their parents, to stay more connected to their energies and go forth in this world with courage and confidence.