It is with the utmost love and gratitude that I step into my ministry. I will strive to be the conduit for healing in whatever capacity God chooses. My intention is to openly and lovingly serve God in all that I do with compassion and understanding. I believe that healing takes place at any given time during circumstances that can be simply haphazard, that by going about our daily business we often do not realize the depths of how we affect people.

In my healing work, I will endeavour to facilitate what is asked of me, in ultimately the best or highest good for all concerned as directed by each Soul and God. I vow to uphold spiritual and universal laws and live in my truth and integrity to the best of my ability. I hope to always hear and acknowledge the path of my clients in order to guide but not interfere in any lessons that are taking place. My very dear friend and Reiki teacher Jenepher Hooper quoted in 1997 “Each soul comes for a common purpose, and to engage in the experience of individuality; but we never walk alone.”

I believe the key to true healing is to help Identify and Acknowledge what is hidden deep inside the chakras, thereby allowing us to live in confidence and self grace. I have been taught to heal by being the conduit for universal or God’s energies, either remotely, hands on or in combination with crystal patterns. With God’s help and that of the many Masters and Angels, I help to restore the proper vibrational frequencies, releasing vibrations created by our circumstances that contribute to create energetic “dis-ease” in our bodies. It is my intention to always be in a place of grace and openness before starting any healing so that I can fully and with an open heart truly listen and guide those who require my help.

I have been taught that healing requires a combination of mind, body and spirit in order to truly heal. I will always aspire to protect the energies of all involved in healings, invoking the help of both my client’s Angels, as well as my own Angels and Guides before any healing.

My mission is to help people connect with their true essence or Soul. I believe all people should be able to conduct their lives from a place of love, truth and self-grace, that we need to come back to basics, to be our true selves, to work and live in our truth, fully utilizing our minds, our higher consciousness or our Soul‘s wisdom and ultimately live our lives in Love and Joy. By doing so, we not only fulfill our dreams but we lead by example and help others to do the same.

Our compassion leads us to live full lives, to teach others the courage to move forward and to spread love and healing wherever it is needed. I choose to live my life in my truth, in integrity, to get up when I fall down, to fully believe in the correctness of my mistakes as being part of my path, to fully appreciate what is in front of me, as well as the value of what is now behind me. I choose to speak my truth quietly and clearly, and allow others to speak theirs.

I vow to always try to see the beauty in all life, in all things and to be open to my own lessons with love, grace and compassion, to treat myself and my family as lovingly as I would a stranger. For without self love, I cannot be of service to anyone.

I will strive to teach the path of healing with compassion, with honesty, with truth and integrity through God’s will. I will strive to honour Mother Earth and her treasures, including every living being for all are valued, necessary and have a unique role to play.

I am profoundly thankful for the love and support of all those in my life: my children, my parents, my family, my pets, my friends, and all of those who have crossed to the next plane, especially those whose love and support I continue to feel from the other side.

The following is my favourite prayer, one that I feel truly reflects God’s presence in my life, and it is with this that I choose to complete this declaration:

The Light of God surrounds me,

The Love of God enfolds me,

The Power of God protects me,

The Presence of God watches over me,

The Mind of God guides me,

The Life of God flows through me,

The Laws of God direct me,

The Power of God abides within me,

The Joy of God uplifts me,

The Strength of God renews me,

The Beauty of God inspires me,

Wherever I am, God is!

It is with these words that I dedicate my intention for my healing work and my ministry. Thank you.

Rev. Claudia Dale,

Declared at time of ordination April 12, 2016

Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, The Rising Sun, 10330 Yonge St, Toronto, On